Ignorant the Masses

    I’ve got to go off on a lot of you.
    I’m not understanding any logic behind the things you do. It’s as if we have a society of a.d.h.d. 12 year olds just roaming around with a license and a credit card. Mainly because you don’t see any reason that any grown adult should be different than you. I say you need to grow up and pay attention to the stupid things you do.

    And the Rant

    • Soccer moms and office cowboys. What the hell is wrong with you? You have a 5 ton s.u.v. that takes you 2 miles to get up to the speed limit and you need an extra 6 blocks to stop. Get the hell out of the left lane and quit clumping up and making a road block of three vehicles taking up all lanes. You are not traffic control, hell you aren’t even doing the speed limit. MOVE YOUR BIG PIECE OF CRAP.!
    • The escalator is not a ride. Walk you lazy pig.
    • I hope gas prices go up another $3 a gallon so you s.u.v. owners can sell that garbage again. We were getting better for a short while there, then gas prices went down and all of you ignorant tools went and bought up a bunch of s.u.v.s again. YOU USE IT LIKE A MINIVAN AND THAT’S IT, YOU HAVE ZERO JUSTIFIABLE REASON FOR IT. Your three kids do not validate you driving an excursion. MOVE!
    • H.D. Scented deodorant,air freshener, Or H.D. scented anything.  You tool, it just smells really strong.
    • H.D. radio . It means Hybrid digital. Means it’s signal is a mix of old broadcast and new broadcast. “Hybrid means mix of two or more”. The only reason it sounds any better is the new signal carries more bandwidth. That is it. Recording methods haven’t evolved all that much. Your cd is as high of a sound quality possible as of yet. Yes your MP3 sucks.
    • H.D. Paint. PAINT!
    • You are so sold on this idea that something will have better definition than the rest because of two letters on the sales packaging.
    • People at work. What the hell is wrong with everyone? “That’s not my job”. That’s the most common thing I hear these days when someone asks anyone for help with something. Then that same person will say ” I do everything around here”.
    • Guy at the store who is standing so close behind me, back the hell up, there is no reason your knees should be touching the back of my legs.
    • Person with the cold. What happened to manors? Cover your mouth. Turn your head when you cough. and if you are going to suck snot, please spit it out. You can’t just eat that stuff.
    • Guy on the Harley. For the sake of anything manly…. quit revving that thing up everywhere you go. No one cares.. No one.. NO ONE!!!! Yes stop signs, red lights, gas pumps count as “Everywhere”. Just stop it.
    • People on Facebook, please stop begging for likes. Quit making your kids beg for stuff that you should be providing as a parent. Stop it. This is how you make bums.
      Do you have any idea how many have downloaded that picture and are sharing it on their own wall?
    • Bartender…. You’re cool, just keep doing what you’re doing.
    • People who treat gas station attendants like trash, you need to leave society. That guy is dealing with lots of things at low wage. Even if the clerk is crabby, leave him be.
    • Public authorities/officials, what the hell is wrong with you guys committing all of these crimes? Don’t you know that society has access to a lot of things now days? Stop it stupid, you’re going to end up in the news for the rest of your life. Give us something to respect.
    • People in Unions. Get to work, you are killing the levels of morals by protesting about the scent of your toilet paper. Be Honorable again.
    • Warning label makers, WHY SO SMALL OF TEXT?
    • Vehicle manufacturers. Why are you working so hard on getting better gas mileage with an s.u.v. if you put half that effort into a smaller vehicle.. Imagine the fuel economy .
    • Don’t call yourself a Liberal if you want more laws. How the heck are you liberating anyone like that ? and quit with the death panel crap.
    • School bus drivers, quit whipping out into traffic and then turning your flashing lights on with your little stop sign thingy out, and honking your horn. You are not traffic control. or a speed trap. Give people time. I will gladly  block people from dangerously shooting around you like that. but not if you dart out like that. YOU HAVE KIDS IN THERE BE CAREFUL.
    • Your cell phone does not have to be the size of a novel.
    • You have no legitimate reason to be staring at your phone while you are driving, walking in public, or while working.
    • If you are going to be so rude as to just dart out in front of someone, don’t look the other way as if to say “watch out I’m stupid!”. Some people will smash the sh%# out of you and sue the hell out of you with zero care as to how bad YOU get hurt.
    • Parked car in your lane but not in mine? I have the right of way. No matter how you explain it, I have the right of way.
    • Does no one have anything to say on Facebook anymore?  When did we become so dang pictograph? TALK TO ME!!
    • You are at a stop sign and I am turning left onto your street and I don’t have a stop sign? Don’t pull out in front of me. I don’t have a stop sign, I am giving you the benefit of doubt about being that stupid.
    • Self check out lane at the grocery store, why is it such a mad scramble of rudeness and a mass of ignorant fools? and can you please get someone to work that dang starter pistol when our screens tell us to wait for help?

    Wake up people. Get out of this weird zone you are all in. Something is wrong and you all need to snap out of it. This is how people get hurt. This total misunderstanding of duties and responsibilities. We have to think about safety of each other. We have to think about saving what resources we have. We have to not die doing something stupid. The way you die is one way everyone will remember you.
    If this is the way society is supposed to be, I will surely never fit in. I believe in getting up and going to work and doing my job and not requesting more than I agreed. I believe in not bluffing everywhere I go and just being myself. No faking, no lying. no disrespecting people to get some sort of respect from people who have a false impression of your worth.

    Be yourself. You’ll live longer.

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