Be the Solution

    When you see the problem in an operation, and operation that has been in process for any amount of time, do not close the operation, be a solution.

    As an example. Let’s say space flight. It’s too expensive to our funds and our resources so it seems in the best interest of some, to close the operation completely. Even after all of the studies performed and all of the questions still left unanswered, kill the project. Why? why not create a flight vehicle that uses solar power to run a motor that lifts a vehicle off teh ground and propels it forward, and then add some sort of turbo like device that as wind increases the turbines begin to spin from the wind, increasing the amount of energy, increasing the speed of the vehicle. After a few trips around the planet, the vehicle is now moving fast enough to make space flight at 200 times the speed of recent space flight vehicles, before even leaving the atmosphere.

    See this is a solution. It costs nothing in resources and continues the project. Just scrapping a project is foolish.


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