Signs your Relationship is Over

    The holidays are over and now she doesn’t need to show anyone to the family to make everyone rest at ease that she is alone. And of course to show off her great new accomplishment. So how can you tell when it’s time to go your own way.

    • At the Family party she invites a bunch of guys that clearly have interest in her.
    • When they greet you it’s just a little one armed hug.
    • They ditch you on New Years Eve.
    • Messaging turns into “yeah,cool,wow,dumb” simple one word responses.
    • They don’t take down their dating site profile.
    • You both go somewhere see a live band, and they flirt with the band.
    • They don’t care to hear you talk. Even after you listened to all of their stories.
    • They seem to try and start arguments (trying to end relationship and make it your fault).
    • Removing items from your residence.
    • You get deleted from Facebook.
    • Communication ends.
    • They invite someone the same gender as you to their family gatherings. Someone who is clearly interested.
    • There is a look of disappointment when you talk. When you see it, you know it. It’s also a good sign there is already someone better, or who is more of a yes person than you.

    Look, if you are done with someone, just end it. no discussion, no arguing, no fighting just end the relationship. There is obvously nothing there for you anymore that you thought was good for you. The relationship is clearly over, so end it. No sense in waiting around for a fight or an argument. Technically, that’s a lie of an ending. Because you leave the other person with a false impression. You leave the person spending their whole life thinking about that one mistake. “Should I have not offered the last potato chip? Why did she leave me for offering the last potato chip? She ate half the dang bag with me.”.

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