Singles Scene: Secrets and Myths

    So you are out at a bar working on finding someone who is looking for someone. No one in particular, just out to learn something new about someone, and hope you like what you find.
    What can you look for? What can you expect? what is real and what isn’t real?

    First one I would like to knock out are the myths.
    Myths about Women

    1. If you find a hot woman, hit on her friends, she will be forced to make you like her. This is so false. Quite often women will group up and try their best to get one of their friends a hook up. Chances are, the mutant in this group is the single one. She will be less skilled than the model of their group.
    2. Buying a girl a drink will mean you will get lucky. Sometimes maybe. but you have better luck treating like her like she is respectable and independent.
    3. Being Persistent pays off.  With a restraining order.
    4. Women like to hear they are pretty. No. They hear they are pretty from guys that want to use them. Show her that you think she is pretty. Figure that one out.
    5. No means yes. Tell that to your cell mate.
    6. She is looking for a sensitive man, The first time she sees you cry, she loses all respect for you.
    7. She is looking for a man with confidence enough to not fight every-time someone challenges them, False, you are a coward and can not protect her and she has no reason to believe otherwise.
    8. She is looking for a good personality in a man, It’s what she wants to think of herself as, but wait she’ll find something good in the wealthier guy with higher social status when he comes along.

    Myths about Men

    • Deep down we like being told what to do. false, we love you and try to tolerate your tyranny.
    • Telling us that you like sports, and even studying up a bit on it so you can watch a few games with us, will make us like you more. False, We kind of like that alone time sometimes.
    • Being super naughty at first is the way we like relationships to start. We actually like them to stay that way, but in private time only.
    • Moaning and faking helps his ego. False it just makes him think he did good, while you are still unsatisfied. Don’t moan or fake EVER. It’s weird.

    Please add more below so I can finish this.

    I have been adding to this for a couple months and have lost my mojo on it.

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