Robot Combat League Episode 1


    Robot Combat League is a tv show of Robots fighting in a ring for $100,000. It’s a battle of 12 Robots, down to the winning fighter. It’s Rock Em Sock em Robots, meets Mechwarrior, meets robot-wars/battle-bots.
    First show, was a bit of the expected. Showing us the competitors knew nothing when going in, but get hands on training (sort of) and then the contestants get to battle.

    With hopes, they get more into a lot more battle next season and the rest of this season shows all of teh backbone and intro stuff. since really, there are only a few teams and only a few shows to go.

    First to battle Team crash. Team crash was the slowest in preliminary contest of time. Verses Steal Cyclone. The team with the lowest time.
    Team crash was very uncoordinated through the first round. Driver (father) kept the lead arm (arm that daughter seemed to like to swing with) back too far to cause any damage. If she was swinging with teh right arm, the robot was stepped too far right. Team cyclone busted a hydraulic actuator on the left arm of Crash in the first round. Crash was up and running by next round. Father and daughter found their groove busted the right arm of Cyclone and then busted one of the Hydraulic pumps supporting the upper body of cyclone. This disabled Cyclone. Crash threw one more punch and broke it’s own left arm at the elbow area leaving the lower section of the arm just hanging by it’s own hoses.

    The fight was over and Robot Crash won. Drivers of the robot Cyclone holding their head in their hand, left the arena.

    Very much pleased. Again I can not wait until the show is more focused on the fights than the fighters. We can all research the robots and drivers later. We have the internet.

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