How to get out of the Friendzone

    What is the friendzone?
    Friendzone is where person 1 follows person 2 around and treats person 2 the way they would a lover. Meanwhile person 2 has no intentions of love with person 1.

    We get in the friendzone. We don’t like it. The friendzone’s frustrating.
    We all want to know how we can get out of the friendzone.

    It’s easy. The big issue you have is you want to get out of the freindzone politely. Politely is the problem. When you are not aggressive, you are a whimpering coward. So the way out is just say it. Say exactly what you want. “Show me your b00b$” Or “I’m a man, you’re a woman, let’s go do what nature made us for”. Every time she calls you over or asks you to “hang out with her” (most likely to carry crap for her or buy her crap) say “sure, but lets make out this time”.

    What that does is put it out there that all you can think of is you and her together in that way. Don’t be a wimp. This will show that you have strength and are not scared of her. It’s what you are thinking about and it isn’t happening, or you wouldn’t be searching how to get out of the freindzone.

    If she stops calling you, perfect, now you can move on and find someone who thinks of you like you think of her. because she surely does not see you like you see her. Pathetic is a relationship where a person who does not like someone, finally submits and says “oh… alright, better than nothing”. Or worse, follows some woman around who isn’t on the same page as them hoping some magical moment will come along and you two will be naked together.

    Tell her what you want, or make her go away.

    This also works for just making a woman go away that annoys you. Worst case scenario, you know have a new booty call, who is hard to get rid of… SO … you are making the best of it.

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