Justin Bieber Might not go back to UK

    Justin Beiber showed up late to a show. Two hours late.

    Supposedly Has a rant on Twitter. (Deleted??)
    and tries to sneak away when a paparazzi tool succeeds in getting Justin Beiber’s goat..

    So what does the niavity of Justin Bieber do? He jumps out of the minivan as if he could do anything yelling “What’d you say?” Repeatedly

    So.. now the Paparazzi is running with it. Turning into “threatens Paparazzi” blah blah. he just stepped out and asked a couple times what they said. Of course they antagonize him more and more and feed on it.
    There was no fight. There was no threat. Trust me, I looked everywhere. It just didn’t happen.

    but There are claims that Bieber says he will not be going back.

    of course that is heresy.
    Gaurdian is of course saying otherwise, just look at this title they have, leading you into an opinion.

    Here’s a couple tweets straight from Justin himself (supports what I suspected)

    Nothing to see really. Just news running away with a snippet of time and making a story out of it.
    For the record, I have never listened any of his music. I wouldn’t know his music if I heard it.

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