Gays in the Scouts

    Scouts-Logo1A poll to the scouts made it to NBC News “Can Gay Boyscouts Share a Tent with Other Boyscouts?”.

    Here’s where the question is being irrational and where people who have a “rawr rawr everyone needs to be open minded they’re just kids, the boyscouts suck” quick response. This of course is under the assumption that kids are angels and can do no wrong and think innocent peaceful thoughts. but …. sad reality.

    As person who was a kid who grew up with a best friend who was gay. My opinion is based a bit closer to home. A bit closer to reality.
    They’re not as sweet as you may think. This kid knows what his preference is. Some kids go into their twenties before they are certain what they desire. Be it men, women, or whatever. but these kids know at an early age what they want. You can’t call them gay kids unless they know they are gay.
    See my friend when I was a kid, I thought was just being funny, or trying to be as weird as he could. I didn’t even know what gay was. He was in love with me. To him, I was his boyfriend. It nearly killed him when I got a girlfriend. I didn’t know until he started writing me notes and stopped hanging out. How was I to know?

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    Why are boyscouts and girlscouts separated? Is there a rational reason? If so then why isn’t there a third classification? It’s not separation in a sense of “get away from me” more of placing people in a group they are more comfortable with, and who is more comfortable with them.

    I suspect that a lot of the parents that are fighting to get their gay son into the same scouts as all of the other scouts, either just wants a boy who is in scouts. Whether he likes it or not. Or is trying to “ungay” their son “These are normal kids be manly like them”. Which in itself is pretty crummy as a parent.

    but to voice an opinion on this topic with no reason to even understand any of it .. (have no kids in scouts, have no friends who are in love with them etc) Then my friend, you have no reason to even care. It seems people see the facts but ignore them when they voice their opinion “they’re just kids” So you suggest they are kids who know they like someone of their own gender. Then the conversation gets rocky. It’s almost as if people know there is no discussing from the concerned side, without being on shaky ground, so trolls who like to win arguments chime in with something they know they can’t lose at (empty can rule), but really don’t care about enough to look at the big picture. A person doesn’t have to worry that their kid will change sexual orientation, to not want their kid in an element were possible adult actions could happen. Which is exactly why boys are separate from girls in the scouts.

    I do understand that the numbers might be too low to create a new scouts, but I am sure that as time ticks on, those numbers will increase quite a bit.

    A few good questions to ponder:
    Why do these children know what their sexuality is? While other kids don’t even know what gay or straight is. Why do these kids know what they prefer or are attracted to?
    Why put kids in the scouts with people they can fall in love with? Especially people who might not think of them that way? The scouts isn’t about love or boyfriends or girlfriends. it’s about scouts, camping and survival. but you put someone in an environment with people of their … Let’s say taste… what do you think will happen? If they acknowledge they like people who have the same body parts, then they are on that path.
    Why would a parent put their child in an environment that has a good chance of heartbreak? I mean daddies have been trying to keep little boys away from their daughters for decades. Why is it different in this situation? Have you ever seen your kid with their first heartache? This could crush their spirits very young.

    Fact is.. The scouts needs another division. a third department. and when the numbers get big enough, they can split it even more. Gay girlscouts Gay boyscouts. It’s the only rational choice.

    Or, they could make several groups and see what the people pick. boyscouts, girscouts, gayscouts and finally kids scouts. Kidsscouts could be a mix of all genders and orientation (Seriously I don’t know how to say that .. especially when talking about kids) . And see what groups fill up the most. If everyone jumps in the kidsscouts, then forget the other three. just make it one big group and let them all just be kids as everyone suspects it should be. This could have great potential to pass or fail.

    but forcing people to change to suit what you think is best, is not right. Create an alternative and see what happens.

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