The Issue with Large Corporate News Agencies

    One guys creates a small article about a guy saving a shark’s life
    Another guy decides he likes the story, might ask a few new questions but makes it sound more dramatic. Now a third guy finds out that the story is popular so he writes a version that will get more attention and end with a happy sigh.


    ….and then the guy who saved the shark’s life gets fired from his job because a simple push out to sea that should not have been a big deal to anyone, gets so much worldwide publicity, his boss (who thought the SHARK WRESTLER) was at home and sick in bed. sees him on the news.

    Example of crappy exaggerated News coverage.

    I miss when the regular joe was writing news online and getting it out more truthful and faster than the corporate news. but they all got stamped and labled as unreliable and just crazy bloggers.

    So… now that source is gone.. Beatin by the liars.

    Liars In The News

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