St Patrick’s Day 2013 Houston

St Patrick’s Day 2013 Houston

On Fm 1960 Near Kuykendahl rd

The sun was bright, the air was warm . Not much bother from clouds. This was a great day.

This was the longest St Patrick’s day Parade I ever witnessed.
The last Parade i saw on Patty’s day, lasted all of about thirty minutes. This one had to a couple hours long. There were so many parade vehicles . I showed up late to the event and still witnessed at least 2 hours of the parade.

My first time out, I sat in front of Froggy’s Saloon which is now called Acadia Bar & GrillĀ  That whole event lasted barely 45 minutes if that.

This time I went stag. Wearing my black straw hat and green shirt. I was well prepared.

To end my first real parade, I stopped into the local Club I was parked in front of and got to meet Trixie Gynn from Houstons ION channel Custom Trends

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