On Gay Marriage

    The fact… Who cares? Win lose or reset court date. Who really cares?

    No one stays married anymore. No one is faithful anymore. The gay community fighting for something that is pointless. The rest are defending something that no one cares about anymore. Marriage now, is just a market. Little girls don’t go through life dreaming about being authorized by god to fall in love. They dream about a dress. an expensive as hell dress.
    You don’t need to pay the government to be married in the eyes of god.
    These tools just want the big expensive shebang and play dress up event.
    To try and make their taxes and insurance pay off better as a couple. To have couple’s credit.

    It will turn out a bigger hassle than it’s actually worth they will see just how useless it is and they will divorce.

    Just like everyone else.

    Hardcore Christian Community, I bet 80% of the adults in your church have either been through or are going through a divorce. So rest assured that your perfect world, will not be the only one defeated in crappy relationships.

    I see no point in defending it I see no point in fighting for it.

    My belief is the first time you bed with someone, You are either sinning or married . The difference is the way you feel and they feel about you when that happens. They are not bad people for wanting feel like they are finalizing their union. I think it’s foolish to not realize that the bigger an issue you make a break up to be, the more likely it will happen.

    The rest is an insurance discount and couple’s taxes.

    Face it. Infidelity happens to EVERYONE. The bigger the deal you make the possible break up, the more likely it will be to happen.
    Preacher’s wife, Police officer’s spouse It doesn’t matter.. The bigger the deal the higher the status, the more likely it will happen. I am pretty sure the first gay marriage has already o is about to end in a divorce. Maybe not.. If not yet, wait until they have nothing to fight for. Nothing to stay married and stand for. When they just become “A married couple”.

    So Why fight for it? Why defend it?
    Crazy thing is, it’s likely that over 80% of the people fighting gay marriage, will get divorced in the next five years, or already have, in the past 5 years gone through a divorce. Marriage is just a legal status now.If you are worried about the religious or spiritual aspect, then fight the battle that tries to force your church or whatever to join people who are not abiding by your faith who are trying to marry.

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