Can you start a fire using an orange?

    orange fire

    The question is : Can you start a fire using an orange?
    The answer is no.

    While everything is flammable to an extent, the orange’s juice is not combustible enough to make flames with just a spark.
    An orange will not save your life with fire in a freezing condition. You can try it I guess.. I mean if you have no alternative. at least you will die trying.

    What I see in this video looks like Rubbing alcohol poured inside an open orange and quietly lit on fire while the camera is conveniently placed on the face of the man talking.

    How to make a candle from an orange

    This is the only way I know of to make fire from an orange. I know of no life saving way to make fire with an orange.

    but from what I understand, what’s inside the peel it’s self (known as Orange Oil), will burn similar to what was seen in the video, but the juice that was obviously present in that orange, would have put that fire out fast. So in sense, you could use the peel as a type of kindling. but the fire wouldn’t burn for very long. You would have to use more items to get a fire started.

    The flammable parts of the orange peel are limonene, citral, and oily terpenes. Barely found in the juice.

    So.. Life saving tip. Do not count on sticking a rock inside of an orange and rubbing the rock with a stick to start a fire. You would have to extract the oils in the peel and put the oil directly in contact with fire to get any flammable reaction. and well… it’s not a very impressive reaction.

    The claim in the first video of citric acid, was ignorant.

    Here’s another person’s response

    Do everyone a favor and share this link anywhere that you see someone posting that stupid video.

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