Be a Good Guy Or a Jerk

    There is an old saying that women say they want a good guy, a nice guy and a sweet heart, but they walk all over those guys and fall in love with the jerks. This is a long time running hidden joke/fact (we are still uncertain of this) amongst men, for decades. The question is ” Is this valid?” and the way to answer this is to look either at your past, and try and not highlight segments but look at the whole of the relationship. how?

    With this you have to ignore all period after the actual break up, where everything is “Revenge”.
    How often were you good to her?
    How often were you bad to her?
    Remember the times she was good to you.
    Remember the times she was bad to you.

    Now grade these bads and goods on a scale of one to ten. Compare her bad to your bad, compare your good to her good. now compare your good to your bad and compare her good to her bad.
    Does your good outweigh your bad? Does her good outweigh her bad?
    If you are the good guy and she is the person in that relationship, then she is the one who took advantage.

    Guys I have forever been a strong believer in never asking a woman how many people she has been with. Simply because I grew up in a house of women and I know that most women like to pick a man who “seems” to have only experienced about 1/3 the amount of partners as she has. as a life partner. It keeps her from feeling as if the man has a experience upper hand. Which also keeps her from feeling less knowledgeable about certain things relationship wise. Fact is, neither of you know what you are doing, or you would still be in the past relationship.. Getting it right. but if you must know, and you want the truth, just tell her you have been with lots of and lots and lots of women. Women by nature are very competitive, she will challenge you to tell her your number. If you tell her first, “40 women” she will give you a modest number of about 45. You can take that number and multiply by 3. Don’t doubt this, you have never in your life been able to go to a bar with $3 in your pocket and no car, and get nice and drunk and a ride to woman’s house and have a great night. For 4 nights in a row. The ugliest woman you know, can do this if she put any effort into it. You may be able to do this once a month.

    Now what does this have to do with anything?

    Well if you are in a “relationship” with a woman and not married and living together and working together, you stand greater than a 50/50 chance that she is in a relationship with a guy that is total opposite to you, in her eyes. This day and age, Infidelity is so common,it’s almost laughable to to be true to someone. For some women, it’s impossible to be and do everything she wants. You just can’t. because what she says she really wants, can fall short to something that just catches her eye sometimes.

    Here’s the trick.

    Just be you. Don’t stress yourself. Don’t go out of your way. but be there. and be yourself. Don’t be more nice than normal. Don’t try and play the bad boy. if she doesn’t like you being 100% genuine, then she does not like YOU. and you will not keep her attention as long as you wish. Lies will always be seen through. Maybe not at first but eventually, they will catch up to you.

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