The Meaning of love – From a Guy

    The meaning of love, the value of love. What is love. All of these titles I flipped through in my head for this post.

    Hope this covers all of those.
    What a guy looks for in love, other than rubbing naughty bits ,yes there is more to it than that, but really I am sure from where you stand it doesn’t much look that way. Well we have learned to scale things a bit. picture a slide rule type thing we have in our heads, we can take a bunch of this (imagine something.. anything) as long as there is a fair share of that (imagine something else). Picture like this. The less she has of one, he may accept of the other. We all have our limits of what too much of one is and how much too little of another is. I personally on my scale, would like a midway measurement of all my requirements, all teh way around.

    Someone with similar interests. Real legit interests. not the stuff you say in the beginning of a relationship to make someone like you and slowly break the news to him that you have no interest in it at all. We want similar interests. Way.
    If you think that’s okay, try and picture a girl who only guys who have lots of money. a guy lies to her and tells her he has lots of money. Then slowly lets her know he doesn’t even have a job. Sure she got what she deserves … right? So… what punishment is the guy receiving for hoping you like Star Wars as much as him, while you don’t even like “nerdy movies”? So your interests have to be real.
    If the guy likes sports, don’t hook up with him by wearing your ex-boyfriend’s jersey every time you hang out with the new guy. That is just dumb. You are misleading him into a co-dependant relationship. Not what he was looking for. So don’t lie.

    We want someone who when she speaks we look at our friends and smile and say “yep she fricken said that!”. Brains.

    We want a body to look at that does not make us have to talk ourselves into hugging her. Especially in public.
    We want a face that we can look at . A face that is soothing. A face that is relaxing.

    Sense of Humor
    We want funny. A sense of humor does so much. Someone who can make you laugh in the most serious moments is someone worth thinking about, when she isn’t around.

    Someone who can say “Hey I know something perfect for you” and she is right. be it at playing pool, or showing her guy some game or sport that he has never even heard of, or showing him how to fix where he keeps goofing. She doesn’t have to have experience in everything. but a person who has never done anything, is kind of not there as a partner.

    This one I will bunch with realism.
    Someone who does get into an argument or conflict of opinions, and doesn’t tell a guy why she is mad… Three hours later when he forgot it even happened… is worthless and their argument is now invalid, because now it’s about being a pent up psycho. Forgive it or forget it.


    Through the years, I have met some obnoxious women. The kind that yell at the top of their lungs when they talk, and I have met some who you can’t even hear when they talk to you. both of those, you kind of wish would just stay text message buddies.
    I have met some vindictive women who spend all of their time trying to get revenge, and I have met some women who just let everything go. I mean…. EVERYTHING. Come on. you have to vent, and I swear I don’t want to be anywhere near her when she fricken pops. because it’s going to be big.
    they all had a few of the items on the list. Never had all
    Would love to have all.

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