Goldberg Vs Ryback

    Bald head, Trimmed Scruff. His intro music plays he comes into the ring, hands out to his side about 1 foot from his hips with his head down, then a look up with a growl/yell into the crowd, head twitch left head twitch right, then a spit, then yell growl again.
    Almost identical physiques. Same height, same weight.It is a great comparison between Goldberg and Ryeback

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    When Lesnar was first starting out, he was on the receiving end of “Goldberg” chants and comparisons.

    Well, actually that is not true. We wanted to see Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar. The chant was always to call Goldberg into the ring to help the person being unjustifiably mistreated. that chant was not to say “Hey, you look like” or “you act like” blah blah. but with Ryeback and his slow motion movements, limited moves, growl/yell, lowered head when he enters the ring and hands to his side, strange jaw activity then spit as he walks to the ring is very much a direct impersonation of Goldberg’s character.

    Here’s Goldberg in response:

    Skip ahead to 8:30

    I would still love to Bret the hitman Hart hired on to clean up WWE, and have Bret hire Bill Goldberg to clean up “The Shield” Mark Henry,Brock Lesnar, The Rhodes Scholars and Prime Time Players and any other hard hitting bad guys in WWE on Monday and Friday WWE events.

    I still kind of think that the owners of WWE seriously thought that the world wants a Goldberg, so they provided one.

    For Goldberg fans, get your fix with this

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