Democrat and Liberal Mistakes That get us all

    What are the kill moves to this world made by the liberals? What have the liberals done that goes against what they claim to be? How have the Democrats further crushed this nation?

    Start with Obama care

    Mandate Insurance so the unemployed can get free insurance: Those who couldn’t afford insurance because they have bills to pay, will be broke. Just because you mandate it, doesn’t mean you made it work.

    Mandate companies to offer insurance when employing 50 or more people: At least you assured that 49 people will still have a job.

    Offer insurance to people without jobs, for free. Now you have more motivation to be jobless. Meanwhile increase tax on those who do have jobs.

    When they mandated the insurance, they set a standard of healthcare insurance. This causes insurance companies to delete their plans that are not up to the new standard. So the people who were only able to afford the cheapest plan possible, that insurance has to upgrade to the second to the lowest coverage plan. Now the second cheapest plan has to have some tweaks. So of course the price goes up on that plan. They didn’t raise their prices, they “adjusted the plan” and relabeled it as a new plan. That is a legal way around “gouging prices”. The fact is.. If you force people BUY something in a FREE MARKET, expect the cost of said item to go up. Now the person who could barely afford the lowest cost plan, will not be able to afford this new forced plan.



    Raise minimum wage: Now the prices on EVERYTHING goes up so that anyone with any skill who was making just a tad more than current minimum wage, is struggling to get by. Now you have unskilled work force and skilled work force making minimum wage while everything they make (because their boss isn’t an idiot) goes up in cost to cover the new fees of production. and every single product made in this country goes up in cost EVERY PRODUCT. Where’s the motivation to be skilled at your labor?


    Sum up

    The old saying of “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. Well here’s how I imagine this happens. There is a rich dude in the crowd of all of the naive liberal democrat children, motivating them to feel strong about something and with a slight-of-hand gets them voting and protesting for this thing that makes him richer, and moves the poor to an even poorer state. Removes the middle class and makes them poor. All the while claiming to be for the little guys. Protesting the rich and tweeting this on their iPhones and iPads and making fun of someone who can’t afford either.
    “We protest insurance costs” Votes for mandatory insurance. Instead of lower healthcare costs. ” We need affordable living” Fights for minimum wage raise, instead of local manufactured items so more people have jobs so the EXACT SAME cost is at least justified.
    as more issues come up from this delusional decision making, they still insist that everything is from the prior president making bad decisions. Yes they were bad, if you are stupid enough to change the whole format, while not having an actual plan.

    Oxymoron = Hipster Republican.


    I didn’t make that meme. I think it was supposed to say “Complains”.
    Liberals do not liberate. They mandate, always looking for new laws while complaining about current laws.

    I am not a democrat – I am for democracy
    I am not a conservative – I am for conserving and conservation
    I am not a republican – I am for the republic
    I am not a liberal –  am for liberty and liberation

    I do not vote per class.
    I do not vote for political parties.
    I do not vote by promise.
    I am free to vote how I want when I want.

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