Top Stolen Vehicles in Houston May 2013

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    Top Stolen Vehicles in Houston May 2013

    1. Chevrolet Trucks 173
    2. Ford Trucks 156
    3. Honda Cars 87
    4. Dodge Trucks 83
    5. GMC Trucks 40
    6. Toyota Cars 39
    7. Chevrolet Cars 37
    8. Ford Cars 36
    9. Dodge Cars 28
    10. Nissan Cars 21

    Top Stolen Vehicles in Houston May 2013

    These are Houston’s cars.


    How to defend your vehicle better. Here’s some Ideas for Houstonians to protect their vehicles from theft.

    Note that you no longer have locks on passenger doors. Though this is very unfortunate for single men who do not have a remote switch, and are on dates.. That key hole is what gets punched in by robbers. So. it’s a blessing that the keyhole is no longer there. Always park your car were your one and only keyhole is always visible by passerby pedestrians, local residents or cameras or yourself. Try and park your car back far enough that no one will park next to you, but close enough that someone can see the activity taking place at your car, and in front cameras. always look for cameras to park your car in front of. Most supermarkets have cameras on light poles and top edges of buildings.
    Never park past the last row of cameras in a shopping center. That will limit the amount of direction that cameras are aimed at your vehicle in a parking lot. Which would allow blind spots.

    When you are home, park your vehicle in your garage. The downside of this, now your home looks vacant. but at this point you can shoot if you feel your life is in danger.

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