How to stop a bad driver

    If you are wanting to stop a bad driver, you first have to distinguish the
    type of bad driver.

    In your neighborhood:
    Runs stop signs
    Call the police. Report the person. No bad driving in a neighborhood should ever be overlooked. You do not want to personally engage them. Ever. Especially in front of your house.

    While you’re driving:
    Driving slow
    Running stop signs and red lights
    Insane madman reckless driver

    If any of the above , move out of their path. Sure they are going to harm someone, unless your only weakness is kryptonite, you will cause yourself to get hurt. Avoid them. Move.

    If he is speeding, move. You are just going to make a person who is stressed and in a hurry, all of that plus mad. Get out of the left hand lane.

    Pretty much anything you do while driving to stop a bad driver, is YOU having road rage. Chill yourself. If you have to do something, pull over and find the local report line and call or text the issue. This gets you away from the bad driver. If it is the same bad driver every day on your way to work or back, call in on them and email on them, and find a new route for a little while. Because cops might be bad for a while. When they pull him/her over, expect rubber necking.
    Don’t try boxing them in, don’t try slowing them down. Don’t chase them, don’t tailgate them. You will cause a wreck. The wreck you are trying to prevent is now YOUR fault.

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