SupermanGrowing up loving everything that superman is about, I have always had a few questions that have nagged at me. Maybe I am being too rational when I think these but I have to ask what? Why and how ?… Things about superman that I have forced myself over the years to overlook. Or at least not bring up while watching a new Superman related movie or television show. So I don’t ruin things for everyone else.

How in the heck does superman get so buff? Everything is practically weightless to Superman because he is extremely strong. What stresses his muscles to the next level of being so muscular? Where the heck do Superman’s muscles come from?

Super Suit
Superman has a suit he wears when he is flashing all over the place saving people from major death and destruction. Since he is super, he survives explosions and gunshots and guns thrown at him. What in the heck keeps his suit from getting burned? What keeps his suit from getting bullet holes in it?

Life Lessons
Superman man from a child has to learn all of his abilities. He learns to fly, he learns to hear, he learns to have x-ray vision. But when people like General Zod come to his planet, where he has never been before, instantly knows all of his powers.

Unbalance of power
In the beginning, as a small child, he picks up a truck so his adoptive family can change a tire. But when he is older, he strains to lift a bus, then he has no issue letting a train use him as a train track.

Hairy differences
In some of the other Superman movies and shows, when Clark Kent is younger, he sort of has longer hair. As he gets older he gets a more professional look. How does he cut his hair? Or shave?


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