Fraud In Humble Texas

    humble-school-scamIt seems there is a woman going door to door in Humble Texas asking residents questions about their personal information and pretending to be from the Humble School District. This is an illegal action and could lead to your identity being stolen. This is old school phishing.
    Do not give this woman any information. Not your phone number, not your name, not your age, not the number of people in your house nor the age of any person in your house. Do not give this person any information. Not whether or not you have a child in high school or Elementary. Give this person no information at all.
    From the Facebook page of Humble ISD

    Today, June 17, a parent in Summer Lakes Ranch let us know that a woman came to her door & identified herself as an employee of Humble ISD. The woman claimed to be conducting a survey but did not have any ID from Humble ISD. When asked for ID, she claimed to be an intern. The parent avoided sharing information, ended the conversation & contacted Humble ISD to verify her claims.
    Please know that this person is not affiliated with Humble ISD. Humble ISD does not collect info this way. If you are approached at home by anyone who claims to be from Humble ISD asking for personal information, please call Humble ISD Police at 281-641-7900.

    I have a no soliciting sign on my front door. I do not like people who knock on my door unannounced. Especially when the front of the neighborhood has a sign that clearly says “No soliciting”. I haven’t had the chance to do this yet, but I have found that if I open the camera app on my phone, and bring the phone to the peephole I can get a very clear view of whoever is on the other side of the door. My eyesight isn’t as great as it used to be, so focusing through a walleyed peephole messes me up. Where am I going with this? Well it would be nice if someone could get a photo of this imposter, and/or video of the fraudster trying to get information from residents in the Humble School district area.

    This woman could possibly have an accomplice and that accomplice could be a male. So don’t be gender specific with keeping your information private.

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