Trailer Park Boys Season 8 Confirmed

    Looks like the people at Swearnet have the okay to film a new season of Trailer Park boys.

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    From what I can gather from the video, John Paul Tremblay, Rob Wells and Mike Smith have acquired possibly some of the props from either the latest Trailer Park Boys movie or some props from Trailer Park Boys the tv show, or both or even props from past TPB movies. Really it’s unclear what they mean when they say “We got everything”. but they will be filming from the Swearnet cameras and mics and mixing equipment. Not sure if that means that to watch the show you have to subscribe to swearnet for $39.99 a year or not. To me, that sounds like a great deal.

    Pat Roach (Randy) has made an appearance on swearnet, so he may show up in a few episodes. Which is a great thing. Hopefully we get to see Lucy Decoutere John Dunsworth and and his daughter Sarah. If it’s just the three Ricky Julian and Bubbles, hey I’m fine with that too.
    No News about Cory and Trevor.

    I am currently in the process of signing up to swearnet now as we speak.
    Filming starts mid July 2013.
    Love ya guys. keep the show good.

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