Do you Warm Up

    I was hanging out with some ladies. They took me to this kind a small party. This guy that was there was just as much of a guest as me (as I was told), he walks up and grabs this guitar that was just sitting there and started playing. Just bam, out of nowhere he was playing. No tuning it up nothing.

    I don’t get it. How in the heck can you just walk up to an instrument and start playing and it sounds good? If you have never ever used that exact instrument. How?

    Well one of the girls there at the party once saw my guitar in my room, so she mention that I can play. I instantly was like ” No, I just have them as decoration, kind of like the swords I have on the wall.”. Because I knew that I would need at least like ten minutes of messing around with the guitar fumbling around getting to know what it is and how it feels. Plus I don’t know anything  that people would enjoy. I just play what I like and what feels good to me. I listen and feel for resonance and sustain, how loud the harmonics are, the feel in my chest of the vibrations. It’s almost like guitar foreplay. Actually it’s a lot like that. You have to know what it does before you  just jump in and know what you play is going to sound like. You can’t mate emotion without a connection.

    Oh and this in no way means that I am even remotely decent of a guitarist. I have some knowledge of the guitar, so I can respect when I see or hear something awesome being done with a guitar. but when someone tells me that you have to force the guitar to sound good when you improvise, my brain fricken scrambles with  multiple cuss-words and confusion. So I have to assume this guy who just walked up and played that guitar, has played that guitar a few times. and he has played it recently, within an hour or two of when I saw him play that dang guitar.

    How do you warm up? just jump up grab the stuff and go nuts and do what you do and not care?  Maybe that’s why I am not so great, I care to much. Maybe I am to critical of what I do. but I want to be. 🙂

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