Facebook Show Invites Etiquette

    If your friend is in a band or a comedian, and they send you an invite to something. It is always in the best interest of your friend that you do not select that you will not show up. Really that’s quite unthoughtful and very unkind.  Who goes to a show if everyone says they aren’t going?

    So for your friend’s sake select the option that says you are going, then quietly private message the person who sent you the invite and tell them you will not be able to attend. That way they do not rsvp you a seat.

    Imagine missing the show that everyone is going to be at.  Now imagine missing the show that everyone says they will not attend.

    As a friend always say you will be there. Even if you can’t. It will not break their heart if you explain this. It does them good when you select “attend”.

    and don’t post directly on their band page saying saying “I’m sorry buddy, I have this awesome party to attend and (insert other band name here) is going to be here playing, it will be the best, sorry you are busy that night.”
    or the dreaded
    “I have the kids this weekend”.
    No… You’re a jerk for posting that crap. Click the button that says you will be there and click the button that says”turn off notifications”.

    Anything other than clicking the Join or like button, is damage to your friend’s band. Or comedy act.

    If you do go (and you should always go)
    Take pictures and post them to your Facebook page.
    Take video and post it to your Facebook page
    Say the name of your friend’s band in these videos and pictures
    Tag the videos and photos when you get a chance.
    Cheer, clap, whistle and give a “ALRIGHT” when they start a song and end a song.

    This is not too much work. Watch, when you take the pictures you will see others start taking pictures. Hell take a selfie with the band behind you playing. If you can manage it, get the bands name in the picture. When others see you doing this, they will do this. If you can, occasionally use the flash option on your phone. Not too much, you don’t want to blind the band. All of this will help your friend get more shows. The bartenders and managers and wait staff notice this.

    If you are a musician and you have a friend who needs this, private message them the link to this page. Don’t let friends taint the well.

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