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    (I’ve gone back and dug up my old articles from my old website)
    I have been looking at bands online and listening to their music and noticed something I should inform you all about. All free crap to get people to listen to your music.

    I find it smart to at least upload one song from your band to a website and try to sell it. The smart thing to do is sell your music at a fair price. Think of how much a band gets from each cd purchased, take that number and divide it by the amount of songs on the cd. You know very well that the profit is not $1 a song. Heck everyone knows that. So ask for a reasonable price as an unsigned musician who does not have to pay any royalties or cost of material other than original recording, and you are well set on your way.
    I would advise putting a link to your purchasable music on your Facebook profile and just sell it for a nickle to a dime a song. Believe me your listeners, friends, family, fans , strays who stumble on it will be more than willing to pay that small of a fee for it. Why pirate something that is so affordable? That is a no risk cost. Something to consider.

    Garage Band A place to upload your music for people to listen to , for free to you. I can see the use in it. Says you can sale your music, I tried to buy some, said page not directing correctly. some really good music there though.
    CD Unsigned Lots of Musicians and bands here
    Last.Fm Very Popular, Lots of competition.

    How to get your band heard
    You Go create a Twitter account for your band, put the link to your band’s twitter account on your Facebook, and tell your MS friends to follow you on Twitter. Every person that follows you there, you follow them back, so they can ask you questions and you can answer. While at your shows mention your Facebook Or G+ and twitter links. Update your twitter account constantly with messages like ” Playing gig tonight at east street nervous as heck, please come see us, we need you guys to tell us how we are doing” . Yes you can send text messages to twitter and have it post on your account. If you are not 90 years old or a complete moron, it should only take you five minutes to set up. If you are so fat an lazy that three clicks of your mouse is to much work, you are a winy douche and your music does not deserve to heard by public, you clearly will not even try to make it worth listening to. You have to be connected to the majority. Why? you know the old saying “It’s who you know” ? Well here is a good chance to know many. someone will be helpful to you, many will just be happy to talk with you. You will have the chance to tell people the very instant your music goes up for sell, and tell people ahead of time. ” You can buy our new cd in a month at blah blah for $20 or you can buy it here at blah blah for 25 cents a song Right now”
    How to Get Gigs When They Haven’t Seen You Play
    An online band can get more notoriety than some band driving around in the backstabbing stage after stage world. You just have to try the venue. I mean really, why play dog eat dog in a 60 year old route of driving in circles not showering, not eating, basically making yourself a cracked out burn out?
    Musician’s Exchange
    Kinda the right track.

    You can’t just upload music to Facebook and think you tried it all. You have to hype it, advertise it, you have to go where the crowds go. online communities are a lot like the bars of the 80s, trendy, pop up fast and bam, all the cool people move on to better places. So you have to grab your gear and move to a new site. takes less time and effort it takes to load the back of your Ford Focus with instruments.
    Free publicity online Just submit your link. nothing more than that.

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