Online Radio Station Comparison

    For the record, I first wrote this on my old site. Here’s an archive.

    Online Radio Station Comparison

    I would have chose to take place of the loser here, but it seems the loser here is more popular than Last.Fm.


    Pandora– Pandora Radio is based on your voting and selection. You create an account at You select the first song for the new radio station you are creating. The A.I. of Pandora then selects similar music to offer you. If you like a song you get to vote for it. If you vote the song bad, the system will try other songs that other people like you have voted good for. If you vote negative then again, the system will try a slight variation of taste. When you vote positive, the system will them try and select more music that was voted positive by others who had just heard that song or has voted that song positive before. app for the big three.(blackberry, android, apple)

    Slacker-Slacker Radio has settings for many options. App for the big three

    Live365– Live365 is a massive choice of radio stations around the globe that you can chose from. Probably the largest selection of radio stations yet.The stations are separated by genre. There are hundreds, yes hundreds of genres available. App for the big three plus Nokia.

    Hi Points

    Pandora– You can just leave it playing like a local radio station. If a bad song comes on, wait a minute, the next one will most likely be good. This program is completely original. Clean smooth format and layout. All apps on the site and on the phone work. I have not tried iPhone or iPad but have tried iPod Touch, android G1 and Blackberry 8100. Flawless.
    Slacker– Cool black background. Nice glossy graphics
    Live365– App works on Android. Largest selection of radio stations I have ever seen. Very well organized station listings.

    Low Points

    Pandora– Some times you get sucked into a loop of endless sulkiness.
    Slacker– I’m not subscribing to that. There is nothing of interest there for me. Very bland and small selection and 0 on options Small choice of music to listen to.
    Live365-Site keeps crashing on my computer at home and computer at work. Latest version of  Firefox. Tried explorer,chrome, opera, netscape7, sea-monkey. When the site works, it never remembers my password.

    Winner is

    Pandora. I have 6 different radio stations, from soft folk indie rock, to country to death metal. When I get sick of feeling like I am listening to a loop of crappyness, I just change stations.

    And the utter failure is

    Slacker radio.
    Way to many prompt screens. You can do very little unless you subscribe and pay a monthly fee. even then, there is very little to desire. I can not stomach seeing ” OOPS, you are not a professional gold member this option is not available to you” more than 4 times in under 20 seconds when I explore a website I just stumbled into.
    Knowing the way people are. Slacker will be the more popular.

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