Unsigned Band Mysweet Glory

    Scrounging around unsigned.com I stumbled across another good sounding band. To bad it looks like they are disband. Last activity on their myspace was in 07. That is quite a while. A long while before the whole ” I don’t like myspace anymore, I’m strictly facebook” change over to be exact by two years. lol pardon that little rant. but here we go gang another good band, you have to go to their unsigned page to listen, their music is stripped from myspace now.

    About Band

    hey everyone =D

    we are My Sweet Glory and we formed about 5 months ago .. but we have known each other all our lives.

    we would loved to get signed up but i guess everyone does on this website =D

    we have four members …. drums is Carl … base guitar is mike … electric guitar is Marcus….. and singer is Ben =D

    were from Blackpool in England …. we’re all same age. want to know more visit

    www.myspace.com/mysweetglory   <—–(inactive since 07)

    but you have to hear them on unsigned


    If anyone finds more music from these guys reply to this post. I would like to hear some more.

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