Bon Appetit Moldy Breakfast

    So… I have been a huge fan of Bon Appetit pastries for several years now.
    I stopped at the local gas station. Grabbed my usual soda and energy drink and Bon Appetit Vienna Cream Danish.
    Not looking at what I was eating because, well. Why should I? The rack was full so the Bon Appetit delivery guy was clearly just recently there. So they’re going to be fresh. Right?

    The taste, seemed odd but I kept working and munching away. Some how it was how I expect paint remover to taste.
    So eventually I looked at what I was eating.

    Oddly enough, the heartburn and excessive burping tastes very musty.
    I’m either not feeling well already (it’s only been about 15 minutes) or I am just freaking out. because I pretty much ate past all of the mold and finally looked.

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