Why I Pick Chevy over Dodge

    The reason I pick Chevrolet over Dodge when it comes to trucks. This actually comes from something I witnessed that nearly no one ever gets a chance to experience.

    And yes if you know me, I have told this story a few times and you probably have heard me tell it.

    One night while working the late shift in a gas station, I was staring out the window. You know … just thinking about the back of my head, looking at the rain drizzling down the glass. off in lala land. My face was pointed out the window as if I was staring at something really interesting across the street.
    A few cars drive past. Their lights just wiz by. I was at the perfect distance from the road and my face was aimed so straight that no headlights would hit me in the face and distract me, though I did notice the lights whizzing by every now and again.
    Then there was a short break.and then.. suddenly there was light, right in my eye. wait.. there it is again. then just as I focus my eyes, I hear a boom. I see two trucks spinning. They looked like two deer on back legs with horns locked. These trucks were spinning. then they dropped to the ground and spun away from each other.
    It was a brand new Dodge full size extended cab truck and a 1 year old Chevy full size extended cab truck.
    I grabbed the store keys and the store phone and ran out to the street.
    as I got there, three teens or early twenties kids hop out of the dodge and start throwing what looked like glass pipes into the ditch, which was filled with water.The person in the Chevy truck stuck his hand out the window as if to signal “leave me alone”.
    After about 10 minutes, tow trucks sound everything. Then the police show up and ambulances show up.
    Now the trucks are towed onto the property of the store I was working at, and set down while the tow truck drivers played their tow truck poker to see who gets to tow the trucks.
    The dodge was ruined. The kid that owned it was complaining that he was going to get the license plates the next Monday from the dealer. The front end was just mangled. That truck was in all sense of the word, totaled. Bent frame, shattered windshield, smashed front fenders, wheel and suspension completely off. Motor off the mounts. You could even see a warp in the bed of the truck. and the driver’s door was misaligned and everything.

    The Chevy however had some shattered plastic in the front grill, a busted headlight and the license plate was bent. and that’s it.

    If it wasn’t dark out and if the driver of the Chevy wasn’t listed as drunk, he could have drove home.

    And this my friends is exactly why I would never own a Dodge truck if I had a choice between a Dodge and a Chevy pick up truck.

    All of this time, I thought dodge (because of it’s looks) was the toughest truck around. Looks can be very misleading. That once mean looking front end now looks cheesy and goofy to me.


    1. Nick | |

      It’s all about how they got hit. I’ve seen it where a Chevy barley hit something and gets a big dent and a Ram hit something and it’s jsut a scratch and vise versa.

    2. TruXter | |

      Head on at 45 MPH each.

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