The Idiocy of Insurance

    People get so upset about pharma. but no one pays attention to the big pirate.
    You have been so blind to their scam and feeling so in need of their services, you think of them as a natural occurrence.
    And now, they are becoming a mandatory bill. Like taxes, like SSI.
    When someone knows that you will pay for something, no matter what the cost is, the price goes up. If you have insurance that pays for this product for you, the price of the product goes up. Because it’s guaranteed. This causes your medical costs to go up. Your medical bills would not be so high, if big pharma thought “well, crap…. no one can afford our stuff”.
    Look at gas prices. They go up because the gas giants know that you have no choice.
    Same thing with Pharmaceutical companies.

    but… now your insurance is mandatory. Don’t be so ignorant as to believe it too will not go up.

    You can’t do things without insurance.
    You are worthless without insurance.
    you will die without insurance.

    This is what they want you to believe.
    The fact is.You do not need insurance and we run our country wrong.
    Insurance is worthless without you.
    You will die with or without insurance.
    The fact that a person can shellout more money and get a better doctor, is not fair to those who can’t afford that doctor. The fact that some people are left to afford the clumsy, flunky who got his degree by trading in box tops from his cereal, is sickening.

    The fact that we are not taxed “for medical care” at an even rate across the working class, of say $400 (or what ever) a year into the medical care fund, and that money goes directly to paying the doctors salary, just blows my damn mind.

    The fact that people think that insurance even needs to be remotely close to being mandated to help everyone receive medical care, just blows my damn mind. The middle man is doing nothing here but getting rich on you being forced to pay him so he can pay the doctors. This just rattles inside my head with 20000 wtfs a day.

    Simply, you are being bsed into paying a third party for a service that should be covered in taxes. which means you are still paying the doctor for what is not being covered by the mandatory insurance.

    America, you are doing it wrong.

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