Obama and Syria Is it Necessary?

    SyriaObama and Syria Is it Necessary for the USA to get involved?
    From what I am seeing online, no one in any country actually wants the USA to get involved in Syria’s issue going on right now.
    Local news is saying otherwise.
    The Obama group is all for it, except everyone who is “all for it” aren’t willing to enlist in the military to do it.

    The question is central to arguments being made this week by both proponents and opponents of a military strike to punish Syria over its alleged use of nerve gas in an Aug. 21 attack on rebel strongholds near eastern Damascus. President Obama has accused Syria of crossing a moral and legal red line by using weapons that are outlawed and uniquely repugnant, and on Saturday he denounced the alleged attack as “an assault on our human dignity.”

    But others question why the United States is compelled to respond to one type of killing when it took no military action to prevent the deaths of an estimated 100,000 Syrians by more conventional but often brutal methods.

    How do you feel about the Syria situation?
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    Obama orders documents justifying a military strike in Syria to be declassified and released, legal process to justify military intervention is already underway
    Our Syria Correspondent Is Doing a Reddit AMA Right Now

    Republicans in Congress take some advice, hands off Syria. Here’s why:
    and on BBC
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