Fire Alarm System Inspections in Houston

    **Update, the company listed here has grown since this article was posted. 8 vans with one driver one helper in each**

    facpFire Alarm inspections

    281-345-9474 TEAMWired
    Not large company 5 FAL (and or Nicet) licensed technicians to assure you that a technician will be available to promptly arrive at your location, inspect your fire alarm system, give you status of your fire alarm system and be out of your way and off to the next location.

    Houston located and in close proximity to vendors and customers.
    100 mile+ radius to assure prompt services.

    TEAMWired a growing company that is happily taking over services and fire alarm system inspections for many of the local Houston companies that have recently gone out of business or have become overworked with too many jobs to do. As of now, neither of of those problems are an issue for TEAMWired. So if the company you are currently using is just not working out for you, if they are slow to deliver the system inspection services, or offer poor work and seem cumbersome to work around, Call TEAMWired. If the company you have used for years is out of biusiness or hard to reach, call TEAMWired for your fire alarm system inspections. If you just want to get a different price for fire alarm system inspections call TEAMWired and just see if their pricing is more suitable to your requirements.

    TEAMWired has been servicing and inspecting commercial fire alarm systems in Houston and surrounding areas since 2007 .

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