Note to local musicians

    You are never too cool for your musical crowd.
    If you got booked wrong, and there is one person in the crowd who isn’t in your band or any of the other bands on stage, He/She is your audience. Get over it and play your music. Talk to the crowd. Even if that crowd is just one person. Talk to the crowd. Mingle.

    I don’t care if you are the most antisocial band and are famous for that, talk to the crowd. Because really, antisocial musicians don’t have many fans that say ” I talked to that guy, and he was cool”

    You are your promoter.
    You are your advertisement.
    If you get up on stage and just play and then leave, your whole trip out was worthless. What are you? who are you? How do they find you? “Play in clubs like this one often?” HECK YEAH YOU DO. Some bigger some smaller, Just here to have fun. Is what the people want to know about you.
    When you tell them ” you can find us on Facebook” be sure and tell the crowd where on Facebook they can find you. Don’t point at your guitarist and tell everyone they can find singles on his Facebook page. What is his page? Who is he?
    If you can get fans of just that one person because of how he/she drums or plays the guitar?  This is good for the whole band.
    If you are playing a show with a band and they don’t say where to find them, fix that for them ” oh you can find them on Facebook at” blah blah blah blah….

    Talk to the crowd:
    Be informative and be talkative.
    When you are not on stage, make your way around the room and talk to people. Sit in the chair next to them. put a hand on their shoulder, and be sure to say “how did we sound?” yeah they will all instantly become sound-men/music critics but who cares. You connected with them. Somewhere in that crowd is someone dying to talk to you. you will see it in their face. Make your way to that person. They’re always there.

    Play it up for the camera:
    When the cell phones come out, Give the rock n roll hands. Sing that song. because these devices can upload instantly, with the name of your band tagged to it and that can get people to your page which can get people ate your next show.
    Not saying go out and do cartwheels. Not saying go out and paint your face. just don’t ignore the cameras. When that first cell phone comes out, the rest run to the front of the stage trying to get the ultimate video. Good. Someone will get a decent enough video.

    On a personal note….It’s seriously upsetting that I paid good money to see a hand full of bands on Saturday and couldn’t write a single line about the quality of those bands because I have no clue who I saw.  Amateur train wreck.

    Here’s an example of a band doing it right (from Saturday night):

    Skrewpipe– They even tell you what the name of the song was.

    If you like the song, click the like button on their page.


    • Have your band’s name visible to the crowd
    • Say your band’s name
    • Announce the songs by title
    • Have place on the internet where they can find you
    • Don’t scribble the band’s name
    • Play it up for the cameras





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