Road Rager in a Massive SUV

    My car got hit yesterday by a 4 foot tall lady in an SUV.

    Yesterday, on my way home. One car in front of me and one car beside me, I’m in the middle lane. A Ford Excursion came up beside me, that lane was merging with my lane at that point.

    I couldn’t slow down because that would have been a full on hit by this vehicle. They could have slowed down and got behind me. When I looked in my side mirror as she hit me, she was 100% in the yellow paint. and there was no cars directly behind me. I seriously think the lady in the SUV was trying to perform a PIT maneuver. From pure rage, she was going to show me that she is entitled to be 16 feet closer to the vehicle in front of me.

    The driver of the Excursion decided to just hit me. I look up in my rear view mirror and I see hair flying all over the place and I’m getting flipped off. and pure rage in the face of a lady that was clearly screaming.

    We pull into a gas station and the lady jumps out screaming at me and raging about how I was supposedly weaving in and out of traffic and she said “you know like all you little guys in small cars do, I can’t see little cars from up there” and then said I hit her. and no I was not weaving in and out of traffic.

    This is no joke, she was yelling about the size of my car being to small.. It’s a mid size. It’s a normal car.

    What is this sense of entitlement that people have when they drive gigantic vehicles? why do they feel that everyone on the road should change proper procedures to accommodate their ginormous vehicle? How are we supposed to know that this person driving this gigantic SUV is incapable of stopping as fast as everyone else? If they are not capable of stopping that fast, why are they driving that fast? If you can’t get through traffic like a normal person, why in the heck are you changing lanes like this? If driving a massive vehicle is so different from driving a regular car, why isn’t there a different driver’s license classification for these vehicles?
    I think we all have been tailgated by some weirdo in a huge vehicle before.
    What are they thinking? That by tailgating us, we can make the car in front of us go faster?
    I think it’s time to just put all vehicles of greater weight than 4000 lbs, in the HOV lane together and let them tailgate each other.

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