After Earth – Review

    After Earth With Will & Jaden Smith
    After Earth With Will & Jaden Smith

    Rented “After Earth” from  Redbox. *SPOILER WARNING*
    Starring Jaden Smith and Will Smith.
    Set in the future by at least 1000 years.  (Never made it very clear.)
    Kitai and his dad Cypher bond over a survival incident that sends Kitai on a 75 kilometer journey to locate a distress beacon.
    Both Will and Jaden seemed to not even care to act in this. as if they were just saying their lines. No sense of involvement with the roles. Except the emotionless scene. Or silent scenes. Then at that point, they were spot on.
    Story  Line
    Where the story falls apart is that Kitai needs some birth control pill looking asthma inhaler because the oxygen on Earth is unfit for humans. Even though large cats, hogs, massive birds and monkeys survive just fine.
    Another issue of After Earth, is the med pack. Katai Was bit by some leech type thing from a river he crossed. His med pack was only supplied with injections to help Katai recover from the poison of this leech. Nothing else. Not even an aspirin.
    Everything freezes at night, but the animals live just fine. Except the mother  bird that rescued Katai.
    The plot was great. SURVIVE!
    Audio was flawless.
    Spectacular. Unless the scene where Cypher was in the ship and detected the meteor storm ahead, was supposed to have something more than a black primer spray painted honeycomb wall. That scene was a bit weird and felt incomplete.

    Acting= 7/10
    Story line=8/10

    Total Score 9/10
    After Earth is worth watching.

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