Ultimate Fighters

    Just as they do the show about UFC fighters training MMA fighters to go pro, they should do the same for boxing.

    Would it not be great to see Mike Tyson training people to fight against people trained by Sugar Ray, or Kimbo slice?

    Why hasn’t the boxing commission put this together?
    Or at the least, make the first stage of training for each team on the Ultimate Fighter show, them being trained by mike Tyson, or Sugar ray, or George foreman ?

    Why aren’t these guys training fighters already ? One month with Sugar ray, one month with Tyson, next month back with Sugar Ray etc. From the way they exercise, to the way they defend, to the way they attack .
    This might be the thing that boxing is missing in this generation. A reality show type atmosphere. They are always looking for ways to hype up fighters. Well.. here it is.

    Would you not watch a show about mike Tyson training 10 fighters, having each of those fighters fight each other for top spot near end of the season, and then the final winner gets a big booked show somewhere in a fight against the Kimbo slice or Sugar Ray trained fighter?
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