Christmas Tree Shopping – How To

    Christmas TreeIf you are looking to buy a Christmas tree and not sure how to go about making the selection.
    Before anything, I will go ahead and say that I not for killing trees. It’s just more beneficial to man to let that tree live. If anything, if you can, grow one in your front yard. and try my next step for the tree that holds your presents.

    Go to the local Goodwill or Assistance ministries locations and just walk in the door. Plastic Christmas trees everywhere. Any time during November or December. The place will be full of very good Christmas trees donated before December 31st the year before. People donate their Christmas stuff for a tax right off every year.

    Every year, they have to store these Christmas trees and lights all year long until the end of the year when people are looking for trees.

    After a couple years of loading up for your Christmas decorations, your Spruce or Fir growing in your yard might be ready for lights.

    This will leave a smaller foot print from you, and you will be helping recycle the plastic Christmas trees of last year that barely even got used. and you have planted a new tree in your own yard.

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