Texas Land and Cattle 249 and 1960

    Went to Texas Land and Cattle 249@1960.
    This is my second trip out to Texas Land and Cattle. First trip I didn’t do a review because the woman I was with, really liked the place and I didn’t want to make any of her experience any more realistic than it need be.
    Here’s my experience. Pros.
    The wait staff: polite.
    Time : From order to delivery, prompt.
    Cook: Exact to order. Medium-well on the mark.
    Atmosphere: Nice Texas theme.
    Ambiance: Temperature pleasant, sound levels better than tolerable (which is more than I can say for most places). Didn’t smell anything cooking, at all, I found this weird.

    Let’s dig a bit deeper and look for dirt.
    On first inspection, Salad was fresh and the dressing had an amazing taste, the meal arrived Just meat and potatoes. It is what I ordered. Exactly what I ordered. The plate was gigantic. Which made the steak look tiny. Like a little meatball next to a blob of potatoes. No kidding. The plate had to be about 14 inches wide while the steak was just under 6 inches wide. So the plate really makes it look like I got less than I ordered. At the price paid for the meal, I really don’t want to have to rationalize why the meal looks so small.
    The steak had a bit of a natural gas cooked taste to it with a hint of artificial smoked flavor. Not like liquid smoke, but more like the meat was sprinkled with some chemical that is supposed to taste like smoked. Maybe I am wrong but it sure tasted that way. Regardless the steak was probably the best I have had all this year. Great texture, perfect temperature, above average taste.
    The potatoes could have been instant dehydrated with shreds of potato peels in it. Can’t imagine where the peels would come from though.
    Still feels like the meal should have come with two vegetables/sides plus soup or salad. Corn or green beans would have been nice.


    Score: 8/10

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