English much?

    This is one I have to post because Facebook is proving to me that some of my friends are complete idiots.
    If you have the same friend as me, or someone similar to that person, please share this link with them.

    Do you have trouble distinguishing which word to use in which sentence? Do you have words that you avoid because you do not know which word is supposed to be used because there is a very similar word and you seem to always use it wrong? Like, do you not know the difference in; their and there? Do you want to know which word to use between accept except? or the most common failed word use you might need to understand between affect or effect?
    These are sentences that I want you to say in your head repeatedly until you understand what it means.
    I’m so sick of reading posts on the social sites that just trash my brain with one small minor error. Yes you lose all credibility when you type the wrong word. So please, keep yourself together.

    English much?

    • They’re there for their belongings.
      (They’re, is They Are- There, is a location – Their, something belongs to them)
    • You’re your only friend.
      (you’re, is you are – your, means it belongs to you)
    • They will accept everything except the things you don’t want.
      (accept, means willing to receive. Except, means all but that one)
    • The movie affects everyone, you can see by the look on their face the full effect.
      (affect, is action – Effect, is result)
    • They want what you won’t have.
      (want is a desire- won’t means will not)
    • I am going to bring you one too.
      (To, kind of like a plan. – Too, means also)
    • We had more than you , then we had less the next time.
      (Than,difference – Then, happens later)
    • We went back into the past and passed a car while my friend passed me the salt because it is past dinner time but we ate and passed out anyway. More.

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