Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty what’s the deal?

    I do not like Duck Dynasty. It looks and feels fake. I can’t stand to hear or read or see anything about that tv show. But man… everyone is going on and on about Phil Robertson saying something that was so super offensive.
    So I read “What the Duck” on GQ’s website, which is the article that everyone is going nuts about. I just don’t get it. Who is defending what? and Why?

    Where did the Duck Dynasty guy offend anyone? Just not seeing it.
    He doesn’t say he hates gay people. Phil Robertson didn’t say he would go hunt them. Phil did not say that he would refuse someone service for their life. Mr Robertson just stated what his religion and many other religions Or religious groups teach their youth. If he believes that homosexuality is a sin in his non-denomination religion, then who is to tell him that it isn’t and that he is wrong about his beliefs?

    Saying that Phil “likened” homosexuality to anything, is a stretch. just because you say more than one thing in the same sentence, it does not mean you make or think of them (as) the same thing.

    Example:I like fast cars,cats,long walks on a beach and a good weekend sleeping in.

    In that sentence does that mean I like cars that have a long beach but are part woman ho sleeps in ? No, if you think it does then yes you are a manic drama queen.

    This shouldn’t be even mildly offensive to anyone. It’s not even as bad as being called “poopy pants”.

    Looks more like hype for the latest DVD releases, and the up coming season of Duck Dynasty. Pretty sure Phil is secretly scheduled to be back in 2015.
    Looks like a lot of bandwagon pitchfork waggers are just ready to yell at anyone and everyone they are told to be mad at. Rather than witness the issue themselves.


    So people can stop reminding me how gullible they are and how this stupid show gets so much attention.

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