Do your Morals Lie

    I have always suspected people lie to win an argument, to make their statement and make their mark on you. Never really had much confirmation of this. Until today.

    The thread on Reddit

    Basically this person is saying that if they can get away with lying to prove a pointless point (???) They will, and they will think they have won some challenge. If anything should be learned, is that people will argue for the sake of winning. Not for the sake of being right. but to hold out their side until you forfeit or give in, making them the winner. This does not mean they are correct, this does no good for being correct or right. It just means they outlasted you in immaturity.

    The question I have is “how many times in life does this happen? ” because what I see is that the immature people starting arguments on topics and butting in with their useless two cents on topics are there just to win some little off track off topic game in their heads.

    To me… doing this is a whole lot like going to a drag race, and waiting for the lights to change. then sitting there after the other car takes off and saying “HAHA I AM KING OF THE MOUNTAIN I STAYED HERE THE LONGEST”.

    This is the disconnection people have. A friend that does this, clearly envies you. Or is jealous of you.  A lover that does this to you, is not a lover. It is someone who just wants to win.

    Let them win one. You do not have to educate anyone. No one has to be educated by you.
    Let them be stupid.

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