Where did the Country go?

    As a person in Houston, you have to know that I grew up with country music at nearly every venue. Heck even the places I roller skated as a child had country music playing.
    We all did it. We went to some live music show where everyone would two step, where everyone yipped at Cotton-eyed Joe or Devil went down to Georgia. or any George Straight song. Live music with a fiddle, or it just wasn’t county.

    Country music has taken a strange turn. A turn that seems like country music branched off into two groups. Good ol country music played at local clubs or some real weird rap garbage that gets played on the radio 50000 times a day. If it’s not going the rap route, the supposed country music is some weird easy listening light rock with “pretend to be a cowboy” twang to it.

    Are the record labels trying to change the image of country music? why?

    <a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/do-you-like-the-new-tractor-rap-hick-hop-cowboy-rap/question-4392995/" title="Do you like the new Tractor Rap/ Hick Hop / cowboy rap?">Do you like the new Tractor Rap/ Hick Hop / cowboy rap?</a>

    Not Country but somehow labeled as country
    Brantly gilbert or is that the front man for limp bisquick?
    Jon Pardi – Up All Night This song makes my face twitch.
    David Nail – Whatever She’s Got Good song but please get it off the country stations so we can hear real country music.
    Joe Nichols – Sunny and 75 again, not country.. Is easy listening.

    Hate to break it to you.. Darrius Rucker is not country music. Please get hootey without the blowfish off my radio.. okay?
    Same thing with Kid rock
    Same thing with Sheryl Crow
    Just quit it.
    The has been and always will be:
    “What do you get when you mix rap and country?”.
    Luke Bryan That’s My Kind of Night Perfect example…
    Stop it. get this envy music out of here.

    Real Country but unseen, unheard by the masses.
    John Wolfe  РThat girl in Texas
    Jedd Hughes – High Lonesome Real country guitar, not just country sounding guitar.
    Josh Abbott Band – She’s Like Texas Sounds maybe a little CCR, but has a fiddle. Which says more than the other songs can say.

    What is this? Tell me… WTF is this?

    Don’t call this country. Don’t even try and say it is country. This wasn’t country before the six flags guy was added to the line up, it isn’t still.

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