Walmart VS Kroger brand cheeses

    Head to head product comparison between Kroger brand cheese dip and Walmart brand cheese dip.
    I bought some cheap cheese from a grocery store a few days ago. I was shocked at what I received and I was quite offended at what the grocer was serving up as their branded foods.This cheese dip was gross. From texture to smell to taste. I got so upset I took a picture of the junk and posted it on their website looking for answers.
    I got no answers.
    So I am taking this another route. I bought a sample of their competitor’s cheap cheese. With both cheeses, There was a comparison made.

    Walmart brand foods is called “Great Value“.
    I believe Kroger used to have a similar brand but now just put their own label on their own products.

    Compare Kroger Cheese dip to walmart cheese dip

    On first impression The cheese on the labels of both brands, looks like they have each other’s cheese to use for the photos. The one with the runnier more watery cheese has a thick cheese on the from. The one with the weird waxy looking cheese, has a runny watery cheese on the front.

    Walmart brand of cheese dip came in a plastic container with snap down lid, Kroger Cheese dip came in a glass container with a screw on lid.

    looks of cheese dips compare
    The Walmart brand Cheese dip was pretty thick and solid looking, I gave it a taste and decided I should probably stir the cheese up and then re-taste. The flavor and smell was a whole lot like plastic chemicals. Kind of startling. The taste did not change, nor did the smell. That stuff in no way smelled like food.
    The Kroger brand cheese dip was sort of watery and runny, a little bit greasy.


    The Kroger brand cheese had a light similar weird chemical taste that the Walmart brand dip had, except the Kroger brand actually taste like a real dairy product, while the Walmart brand dip taste more like it was served through a garden hose. The Walmart brand dip was very thick had an over bearing strong odor and taste. I was scared to ingest more than just a dab. That dab left a taste in my mouth for hours. While the Kroger brand was too runny and thin. To mix the cheeses with salsa, it would take half a jar of Kroger brand to go the same distance just a table spoon would go. Basically you are getting less amount of Cheese dip titles product with the Kroger brand. but the Kroger brand just felt safer.

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