Why Should Valentines Day Be Special?

    We ask ourselves the rational question of “why isn’t every day that same kind of special? Why does Valentine’s day have to be so different from the rest of the days of the year ? why is it that we treat that as the day we love our partner and the day we show our partner what they mean to us? Why should we treat our partner any differently today than any other day? Why are we not already loving on our partner all year around?”
    Short answer:

    Long Answer:
    Sure it would be great if every day a man came home with a box of chocolates and roses and his wife was in a teddy waiting.
    “Honey look I bought you some sweets… oh look a teddy!”

    but fact is that the chocolate would add up on her thighs and the excitement of a teddy would likely drop considerably. Or he could get bad candy, or be annoying with how he presents whatever his offering is.

    “Honey, look…. I bought you some sweats”.

    Truth is we just have to have something extra in our lives. a day to look forward to. for everything , we need a special day to show appreciation for everything.. A lot more things need appreciation days. We need a favorite retail worker day. That person in the gas station who knows exactly what you get every day and has it ready for you even though their job does not require it, that waitress who sees you have a child with you so she grabs the crayons and something to color on.

    But since we can’t do it for everything. We need to do this for the one we love.

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