Brewingz Humble Texas Revisited

    July of 2013 I took a trip to Brewingz in Humble. I wrote about my experience with take out. I said I would do a follow up review with dine in.
    With the recent outbreak of hipsters and instagram I decided not to be seen taking pictures of food while in Brewingz. So I could only sneak one picture, and yes.. I got caught…..
    This visit to the Brewingz in Humble Texas at fm1960 near highway 59/69, I decided to dine in and get the full experience of their buffalo wings. I also added a twist. Tried a cheeseburger and curly fries. For the most , to try as much as possible.

    Wings Experience:
    The wings were original, traditional, mild.
    Using a scale of 1-10 wings are judged for the following category:
    1. Appearance – Do the wings look appetizing? Are they dry or saucy?
    10/10 Juicy and saucy.
    2. Texture and Tenderness – Are the wings crispy on the outside and still
    juicy on the inside? Do the wings have a rubbery texture?
    8/10 Some where splintery
    3. Originality – This is where the ingredient list comes into play. Is the
    sauce made from scratch? Are the ingredients unique and unexpected?
    10/10 Not an original flavor but very good.
    4. Taste – Does the flavor match the category? Does the wing taste good?
    Can you still taste the chicken? Does the sauce compliment the chicken?
    10/10 Chicken was cooked excellently
    5. Smell – Do the wings smell appetizing? Do they smell vinegary or Does the smell
    match the flavor category: Garlicky or Peppery Hot?
    10/10 These wings had the best buffalo wing smell I have smelled in years
    Wing Experience over all : 9/10

    Burger and Fries Experience:
    The burger was bacon Cheddar.
    Fries were curly and not much flavor. Could have used garlic or Parmesan, something… anything. but for what little they were, they were good, so the fries get a 10/10. They were exactly as stated. Curly.
    The burger was just meat,one piece of lettuce, cheese and bacon bits. Not even real strips of bacon. The meat was mushy and had hardly any flavor except where the edges were crisped. There was no mayo, no ketchup, no mustard, no pickle. Couldn’t taste the cheese at all. What saved the burger was when i asked the waiter for mayo he asked if I wanted to try the Habanero mayonnaise mix that Brewingz has. Well of course I gave it a try. The Habanero Mayo mix was amazing. I needed nothing on my burger after the Habanero mayo. FINALLY, FLAVOR!!!!. Burger before the mayo, 2/10. but after the mayo mix 9/10. I deducted a point because the bacon bits really upset me. Plus the cheese was flavorless and there were no toppings. Not even on the side.
    habanero mayo

    Considering my last visit, I have to warn you all, dine in. Do not take out. Take out showed to be a bad experience for me, while dine in was spot on.

    I hope the waiter enjoyed the tip because I liked the service. This kid was on his game.

    So this visit was a legit 9/10.

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