Nifty Fifties Car show F-bodies

    Nifty 50ees car show has moved to the Sears parking lot off Louetta.
    The parking lot is huge. Hundreds of cars packed in tightly. Heavy smell of lime scented gasoline aka jet fuel aka SONOCO gas. Rumbling of engines. Not a squeaky brake anywhere.
    I showed up at 4:00 knowing that the car show started at 3:00. I figured that would give most of the cars more time to show up before I get there. I was wrong. I showed up and maybe 10-15 cars on the lot total. These were the old timers. The old school car show folks. These are the higher respected car owners.

    One by one the car owners pulled into the lot and spent the first five minutes wiping road dust off of their cars and setting up chairs and the next 5 hours telling stray passerby the story of their car the way they chose their rebuild and trials of the rebuild.

    Chevells,GTOs and Corvettes everywhere. Bonnevilles, a studebaker a karmann ghia too along with a mess load of 1930s fords

    I was there just for the F-body cars. The camaros, the Z28s, the firebirds, the formulas, the Trans-Ams.

    And that is exactly what I got.

    Plus this

    Here’s pictures after it got dark out

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