Judge Joe Brown Arrested

    judge joe brownThe daytime TV show Judge Joe brown from since… well forever, the Judge from the show Judge Joe brown was arrested in Memphis.
    Since his show was canceled Judge Joe Brown has been working in the similar feild, and on this particular day he was handling a Child support case pro bono .
    It appears that Judge Joe Brown requested the case to be dissmissed but was refused, so he got a little loud. Causing a bit of a stir amongst the other people in the courtroom. (well… so the other news agencies are saying). This landed Judge Joe Brown in jail.Originally sentenced for 24 hours but kept on contesting teh courtroom which gradually worked it’s way to 5 days in jail.
    Read more with video too

    If this is a publicity for the next election (which he is rumored to be involved in) then it’s a pretty good publicity stunt.

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