Extend your Home Security

    I had to make this because I work for an alarm company and see lots of “kind of okay” tips on how to protect your home from break ins, I decided to pass on what I realized years ago in my alarm design career.

    So, you have an alarm on your house and feel that you have taken things that extra mile to protect your belongings. Your family. Your pet.

    Alarm average time is 30-60 seconds between window or door opening, to moment you disable the alarm system.

    For some reason, everyone says average police response time is 15 minutes. I have never seen a police officer roll up on scene in under 25 minutes.

    Experienced robbers know this.  They have learned this through trial and error and have worked  their robberies down to a timeline. They tell each other how they got caught while in jail, they tell each other stories about how they got away with crimes and how they slipped up.So that sign in your yard and on all of your windows, is ineffective. It is a warning to tell them how long they can be in your house, and how far they need to be away from your house by the time the police finally cruise up your street.
    In a way, that sign in your yard says that you have enough money for an alarm, with monitoring and you have items in your house worth trying to protect. These are things they want. That sign you so cleverly posted that says you have a gun, that sticker on the back window of your truck that says you are an avid hunter, is what makes the kids who want guns, target your house in particular. They know that you are  a person who goes to work. They know that you are not home all of the time. So those camo pants or boots or hat, are a clue that you have a gun. and that your house is the perfect place to obtain this gun.

    You will be followed, to see when you come home and where your storage facility is located. When your house is broken into, your keys will be stolen and your storage will be broken into next. Your hours of employment will be noted and your house will be broken into during hours you are likely not home.


    You can take this information and figure out changes to make to your life and your home to prevent people from breaking in and taking your stuff, or you can download my instructions and add this to your ideas. (No this will not be made public, because I don’t want to give scumbags ideas).

    So to buy these suggestions, click here and scroll to the bottom. I have set the price low at $1.99. just low enough so that the suggestions are inexpensive and easy to obtain, but at a price so that most criminals will not just be able to Google it and get it. Since I do mention a few issues that the alarm installers have.



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