How the Internet Restores a Man

    homeless-man-eric-gets-houseA video popped up on reddit, and like my normal everyday (every three minutes) compulsion, I clicked the link . and was reminded of the good deed a man did for a homeless man a few months back. I remembered the funding pool (donations) everyone put together to help make the homeless man’s life better. Well the man from the first video did the footwork.
    Just watch the video.
    Watch this video to see how the internet turned a homeless man’s life around.

    If you watched the video, you heard the part where the guy setting this all up, spoke about a lottery trick they pulled on the homeless man. (don’t worry it’s not what you think). So watch this video to see where it all started. One good man’s action turned into a lot of good people stepping up.

    So to sum it up, a man posted a video where he and a store clerk tricked a homeless man (Eric) into thinking he was just given a winning lotto ticket. When in actuality, the man pulling the prank was just being creative about giving Eric (the homeless man) a lot of money for a homeless person.

    The video warmed so many people’s hearts, they put together a donation for Eric.

    The donations turned into a year rent in a house, new furniture and a bank account. To the surprise of the video, Eric announced he just got a job too.

    This is a great day to be Eric.

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