Burger Tex North Eldridge Houston

    Been on a quest for a better burger.
    Today, the trip was to Burger Tex on North Eldridge in North west Houston.

    On entry you notice wooden floors and real wood tables. A cook area with at least 5 cooks swarming around.
    In the middle of the main dining area is a condiment island. Pickles, lettuce, onions tomatoes, Mayonase, mustard and nacho cheese.
    The order was bacon burger combo with cheese. Total was under $9.
    Was handed a Styrofoam cup with the number 14 written on it .
    Hurried got the Mt Dew and a straw and sat at a table. Knowing this place gets filled fast around lunch time, so getting a table that wasn’t in a bad spot or scarily small is very important.
    Number that was written on the cup was called over a speaker. Hadn’t even been 5 minutes. but okay.Grabbed food and sat back at the table.
    Fries were the crinkle type, with what tasted like some sort of Cajun style seasoning.
    Burger looked fantastic and bread was soft and fresh. Lettuce was clearly just peeled.

    Now the run down.
    Fries where excellent with the seasoning. Zero complaints.
    Burger. The meat on the burger was clearly frozen premade patties shipped in bulk. all of the patties on the oven where perfect circular shape exact same thickness and hit the grill frozen that way. There was little to no taste to the meat. Texture was mushy. Not really sure if that was meat or soy.
    Soda machine was spotless clean.
    Tables were spotless and clean with a nice shine.
    Floor spotless and clean
    The place smelled nice. Too nice. Couldn’t smell food cooking at all. which explains why the uncertainty of the authenticity of the beef. but it could be, just no seasoning though. because the burger was great anyway. Ate the whole thing and would eat more if possible.

    Full review of Burger Tex on North Eldrige

    burger taste 8/10
    burger feel   10/10
    burger smell  7/10
    Floors            10/10
    Table             10/10
    Ambiance     10/10
    staff              10/10

    Total Score    9/10

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