The Burger Barn Manvel Texas


    Found The Burger Barn on Highway 6 just a mile from I45 headed to Manvel Texas
    Saw the parking lot packed and the building shaped like an old feed store. Had to stop in.. The place looked like a barn. or a feed store. whatever it looked country and could smell the food from the street.
    Wooden floors. and Wooden tables covered with paper table covers. A functioning stop light on the wall.
    Burger place seems to have more space for freezer and cooks than actual dining area.
    Tons of signs all over the interior. Some have funny quips, some have cowboy insight. Heck just going there to read all of the signs is kind of a good enough reason.
    Place smelled like bacon and burgers and lots of melted cheese. Okay, worth making an order.
    Got the Bacon Cheeseburger meal


    Notice the size of the burger compared to the sunglasses.
    Biggest burger you could ever get with a meal for under $8 in Texas.
    Meat was real meat. Tasted fresh like as if recently cut and ground. Delicious.
    Bacon was fresh bacon. Not crunchy not squishy. Lightly crisp yet slightly bendy. This is excellent bacon. No recollection of the fries. This burger was the best burger to be reviewed by this website.

    Ambiance     10/10
    Burger taste 10/10
    burger smell  10/10
    burger feel    10/10

    Total score for The Burger Barn 10/10

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